FORE the Children, thank you!

08-28-2022Weekly ReflectionFather Emmanuel and Susan Cook

At St. John Paul the Great Academy, we are succeeding in ways we could not imagine four years ago. TGBTG! THANK YOU to all who believed and still believe in us!

Gratitude to all the organizers, sponsors, 120 golfers, volunteers, and TCC for supporting the 2022 Annual St. John Paul the Great Academy GOLF TOURNAMENT.

THANK YOU to everyone! Parents! Faculty! Community volunteers, Academy Board members, the ALUMNI from St. Mary’s School, Sacred Heart School, St. Peter School, St. Francis School, St. Peter / St. Francis School and Ava representing today’s students of St. John Paul the Great Academy!!! Thank you to Chris Smedick, James Ryan, John Svetz, Paul Foeller and Leo Nardi … We dreamt of a full field and sponsors… and YOU brought it!!!


Discipline is about Radical Trust

08-21-2022Weekly Reflection© LPi

The serious disciple knows the necessity and value of discipline. Thinking of discipline as something punitive in nature, we underscore its place in our spiritual lives. Discipline is really about a radical trust in God and his guidance. “When you are conducted by a guide who takes you through an unknown country at night across fields where there are no tracks, by his own skill, asking no advice from anyone, giving no inkling of his plans, what choice do you have but to give yourself completely to his guidance? If you are convinced that he is a good guide, you must have faith in him and abandon yourself to his care (Jean-Pierre de Caussade).”


Live Radically

08-14-2022Weekly Reflection© LPi

An inward transformation occurs in a person who decides to follow Jesus Christ. Things change. They see the world differently, understand their journey more deeply and profoundly, have their sights fixed on eternity and union with God and hold themselves to higher standards and virtues. It requires a conscious choice to be a Christian, and this choice must be renewed at least daily. While the basic premise of Jesus’ message may appear heartwarming and straightforward: love of God, neighbor, and self, the implications of doing so are challenging. The true disciple is called to live radically, and often finds themselves at odds with the world or even with those in their own homes.


Joyful Witness

08-07-2022Weekly Reflection© LPi

St. Thomas Aquinas reminds us that, “Three things are necessary for the salvation of man: to know what he ought to believe, to know what he ought to desire, and to know what he ought to do.” Everyone is called to work toward their

Whenever we really want something, we put our entire selves into achieving it. Being fully invested in our labor, we willingly work extra hours, devote an abundance of energy and effort, and remain vigilant for beneficial opportunities that may come our way. We certainly do not passively sit by doing nothing! Such an attitude leads to laziness and the accomplishment of little. Worse yet, some look to others to do the work for them, hoping to reap the benefits of another’s efforts. Conscientiousness and diligence are the only means to success.