Bereavement Ministry

The mission statement of this ministry is: "to provide support and comfort at the loss of a loved one." This ministry will meet with the family to offer help in preparing for the funeral Mass.

We provide lectors, greeters and a server. A member will interview with the family and show examples of readings from the Old and New Testament – hymns are selected – gift bearers are also selected. The interviewer will also ask for any comments, hobbies or any other information about the deceased that Gather may put into his homily. One of the first questions an interviewer will ask is "What will you miss most about your loved one?" About a month after the funeral a member will send a sympathy card to the family.

A bereavement support group is also available for those who wish or need additional support during the grieving process.

Contact Mary Ann Seiser at 860-482-4433 for more information.