The Baptism of Jesus

01-13-2019Live the Liturgy

At the baptism of Jesus, a voice came from heaven saying, "You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased." Through Baptism, Jesus' identity as God'sSon is revealed and understood. He knows very clearly who he is. Baptism does the same for us.


Jesus Brings Light into the Darkness of Our Lives!

01-06-2019Live the Liturgy

We all have had the experience of walking into a dark room and searching for the light switch. If we are really unfamiliar with the space, anxiety, uncertainty, disorientation, and even fear can easily arise. Once we find the light, all is illuminated and we are at peace. Our light has come into the world! The glory of God has been revealed!


Biography of Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ihemedu

08-26-2018Live the LiturgyFr. Emmanuel

I am the second son and the last born of the seven children born to my parents, Mr. Innocent Ihemedu (91 years old) and Mrs. Cecilia Ihemedu (85 years old). My parents and siblings live in Nigeria.

I have always believed that a life that does not touch another life in a positive way is a wasted life. This value set, of making a humane difference in the lives of others, came from my parents. Early in life, they taught my siblings and me that for many the hope of “being and becoming” a valued community member depends on the ability to respond. For father, imparting knowledge is one crucial way to unlock the doors of opportunities. This is what motivated him to pursue a career in education and teaching and to encourage his children when they chose to follow likewise. Except for mother who worked at home, everyone in my family is a career educator of some sort. It is the same underlying philosophy of touching hearts and changing lives, that moved me to discern a path that joins the human spiritual ministry through a vocation in the Catholic priesthood with a pursuit of further service through counselor education and counseling psychology.


Do we want to be taught?

07-22-2018Live the Liturgy

The many images we have of God help frame our relationship with Him. Have we ever imagined Jesus so deeply moved with emotion and engulfed with pity for us? We often are sheep without a shepherd who are lured by the emptiness of worldly attractions and superficial desires. We become lost.


Do you describe yourself as a holy person?

07-15-2018Live the Liturgy

For many, becoming holy may not be seen as a desirous goal. We are all called to be holy but maybe not in the way we often imagined. Holiness is nothing more than doing ordinary things with great love and faith.


Keep our eyes fixed on the Lord

07-08-2018Live the Liturgy

It seems that Jesus is always facing some kind of opposition. Today, those from his native place amaze him because of their lack of faith. We oppose Jesus as well. It is not easy to be challenged and realize our great need to change. We grow comfortable with ourselves and our surroundings and resist change. We become defensive when the wisdom Jesus utters asks us to leave ourselves and our concerns and think more about others. We lack faith in God, faith in ourselves, and faith in one another. We are asked to keep our eyes fixed on the Lord and allow ourselves to be stretched. Jesus knows what he is talking about.

Do we really believe this?

God does not rejoice in our demise or our destruction.

07-01-2018Live the Liturgy

God does not rejoice in our demise or our destruction. Rather, He made us in His image and desires that we have life. He also desires that we be healed and know His loving touch. There is great power in an embrace. The touch of another can heal wounds and restore life. There is also power in faith. Faith can turn us toward the truth and turn us toward God. God can profoundly change how we see Him, ourselves, and one another. God desires that we turn toward Him and be healed of all that wounds and binds us so that we can be free and enjoy the fullness life. Reach out and share your faith with someone this week so that they can receive God's life-changing embrace.

How can we show Jesus to others today?

God creates and fashions each one of us with intent and purpose

06-24-2018Live the Liturgy

As we celebrate today's feast, we are reminded that God creates and fashions each one of us with intent and purpose. We are not random accidents. We are special creations and wonderfully made. Each of us brings a unique twist to the one shot at life that we are given. As people of faith and children of God, we are asked to use our specialness to announce God's kingdom. Each of us reveals a unique part of God's face. Each day presents opportunities to communicate our faith to others and to reveal God's mercy. We have the means to point the way to Christ.

How can we show Jesus to others today?